The day-tripper list

When heading out for a day of sightseeing or exploring, I have my staples. Something to record what I experience (camera, pen and paper, audio recorder – pick one), some snacks, a mandatory drink in a refillable bottle (electrolytes or water), and a few little multipurpose comforts such as (wet) tissues.


The day-tripper list


All these (and we are talking a few lenses in my case), and a few more items such as maps, wallets, mobiles etc… fit into a 20L or smaller backpack depending on the camera gear.

When it comes to snacks, think compact and high energy. These are not meals like sandwiches: meals weigh you down and make you lethargic especially if you’re in a warmer climate.


The main rule when buying camera accessories is to think of the light-weight day-pack:

– Batteries should always be bought at a minimum of 3, right when you buy the camera. The logic is one charging, one on standby and one in your camera. If you can afford more, get them and cycle through each one.

– When it comes to memory cards and photography, find out the size of one image and multiply it by 1000. Unless you’re on an assignment, and possibly covering some sporting event, you really shouldn’t be taking that many photos as a tourist on a day trip. You’ll know what I mean when you sit down to sort and edit them. Split that size among two cards and know that it should be more than enough for a day trip or two with a backup option in case one of the cards goes bust!

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I love people. I love to travel. I love new experiences. And I love to capture those on camera. If you asked me where I'm from I would tell you I was born in a country that no longer exists and lived in another as a migrant most of my life. My home is not limited by walls or borders. They mean little to me. The people, experiences and the images captured do! If we meet on this planet, I would love to have a drink, a swim or just a chat about almost anything with you! And heck, maybe take your photo and blog about our adventure?