I’m a huge fan of lists, ticking them off and throwing them away.

In fact, packing for any trip a list has been mandatory in order to maintain sanity! So here are some of my favourite lists:

Day-trip pack:

This travel list is for those day-trips. You know. The day-tours, the exploring-the-city-on-foot day.

Long-haul backpack:

The backpacking nightmare. 2 weeks? 6 months? RTW for the next 2 years? A list for long trips away from base. What to pack in 50L or less? (well that’s just the size of my camera bag but that’s a whole other list!)

Happy-snapper – the photographer must-haves:

When going on a longer trip, this is the semi-pro to pro photo must have checklist.

Bucket list:

Everyone should have one. This is my personal bucket list. The places explored. The places yet to be traversed.