Tomatina - Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

Tomatina – Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

Born in a country that no longer exists. Lived in another as a migrant. Borders are useless. Experience is everything.

You won’t find me at a museum or gallery (unless it’s some sort of weird subject or a particularly emotive painting I want to see like Goya’s at the Prado).

You’ll find me chatting to a local for an hour, missing my bus, and too humbled to take their photo. Or strolling the streets when no-one else is, capturing all that’s beautiful, eccentric, contradictory, alive and lackluster. You’ll find me figuring out how to say the name of a food at the local markets or veering off course because I heard music behind some closed doors, somewhere and then trying to figure out where I am on the map…

Fluent in 3-6 languages and can get by in about 3 more… ask me to sing and I’ll add another 10 to that 🙂

Vegan-pescatarian (try explaining that to a Greek or a Chilean), obsessive music lover and the strongest weakest-looking chick you’ll meet. Don’t test me. They’ve tried.

And yes they call me B, often Busy Bee, Queen Bee and I respond to Hey B! 🙂

And what about those heels? Well, I always make room for a pair: just because you’re roughing it for 20 days doesn’t mean you can’t bring out your feminine streak for one and hit the dancefloor!


Oh and did I mention I’m a photographer? You’ll find most of my photos don’t have me in them for that reason 😉